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       Enters services of our company:
         Development and implementation of the following systems:
building automation, monitoring and control (BMS);

heating, ventilation and air conditioning;

cold and hot water supply;

water disposal and sewage;

power supply;

fire safety;

video surveillance;


"Smart House";

structured cable network (SCS).


Complex solutions for engineering systems of buildings and structures of any complexity and purpose. Engineering calculations, modeling, engineering systems design option.

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Complex engineering and consulting services for the preparation and maintenance of the construction process. Ensuring the quality of project documentation and construction work, the rationality and efficiency of the technologies and technical solutions used. 


The introduction of automated systems of control and management of existing and existing buildings. Modernization and maintenance of automation systems. Installation of distribution systems and guaranteed power supply, communications and security. Solutions for engineering systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).


Nowadays, technical capabilities are moving forward and INGENIO specialists are keeping abreast of new technologies. Our specialists perform commissioning of the BMS system remotely.

The advantages of this system are not only in saving energy, reducing the number of personnel, in instant warning and preventing accidents, but also in the fact that our specialists can always monitor the work of the entire building from anywhere on the planet.

This is very beneficial for geographically distant objects that are far from settlements, or for objects in which it is not advisable to constantly keep engineering support personnel.


BMS. Automation and dispatching systems

The automation and dispatching function is very difficult to overestimate, because the correct setting of this system will determine how efficiently the object as a whole will work. This system is responsible for the balanced operation of all engineering systems of the object. The timely response of the system to changes in the internal or external environment, makes it possible to save up to 50% on the operating costs of the object. In addition, control and monitoring of the operation of the systems is the key to long-lasting operation of all mechanisms of the complex.

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