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Automation, monitoring and building management «BMS»

Automation, monitoring and building management «BMS» Automated control system of automated control systems is an automated building management system, better known by the abbreviation BMS, from Building Management System. BMS is conventionally divided into two types: intended for managing private houses / apartments (Home Automation) and intended for managing office buildings (Building Automation) - residential complexes, hotels, business centers, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. BMS includes the following systems:
• Public ventilation system
• Heating system
• cooling system
• Gas and water supply systems
• Power and lighting systems
• Security systems
BMS allows you to automate most routine processes, which means: - reliability - due to a reduction in the human factor, the risk of unexpected breakdowns is significantly reduced efficiency  BMS optimizes the work of engineering systems, which gives the maximum possible efficiency at the output savings optimizes the operation of energy supply systems, gas supply, heating and air conditioning can significantly save resources  comfort
BMS provides convenience not only to building owners (in terms of management), but also to end users (in terms of use). The functionality of intelligent buildings is much richer than that of buildings equipped “in the old way” - efficiency - automatic security systems integrated into BMS allow you to respond quickly to any emergency.


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