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Drainage and Sewage System

Clean house, free access to water supply and the absence of third-party odors - all this is largely capable of providing intelligent sewer management system. Modern "smart" automation of water supply and sanitation is a good solution. The system not only performs the functions of centralized waste disposal, but also takes all the trouble for the overall control of the situation and timely notification of the owner. Proper connection and management of sewage based on automated intelligent systems has significant advantages. Technological automation not only allows for the timely commissioning of buildings, but also performs the following functions:
• controls the operation of the septic tank;
• controls the drainage pump;
• monitors water leaks;
• monitors the temperature in the drain tanks, preventing possible freezing of the system;
• controls the filling of the drain tank
• continuously monitors the condition and health of all equipment;
• in case of overflow of the drain tank or another abnormal situation occurs - informs the owner.
As a result, the smart sewage and water management system allows you to:
• create optimal conditions for the operation of buildings and premises;
• increase the comfort of a person’s life inside the house;
• minimize the risk of possible emergencies;
• reduce maintenance costs;
• eliminate (minimize) harm to the environment as a result of a possible sewage system rupture, associated with leakage of waste from pipes;
• make the most efficient use of sewage facilities.


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